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A Fatwa From The Council Of Senior Scholars In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Warning Against Mass Demonstrations


Statement by the Council of Senior Scholars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Greetings and peace be upon His honest servant and Messenger and upon his family and companions. Indeed Allah Almighty took a covenant from the scholars to make a clear statement (about truth) as He said in his glorious book: "And remember God took a covenant from the People of the Book, to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it" (Al-Imran: 187). He also said: "Those who conceal the clear (Signs) We have sent down, and the Guidance, after We have made it clear for the People in the Book, on them shall be God's curse, and the curse of those entitled to curse" (Al-Baqarah 159).

It is necessary for the scholars to make statement in times of strife and crises, the like of what is happening these days in various parts of the world. The Council of Senior Scholars prays to Allah Almighty for all Muslims, rulers and ruled alike to maintain the safety, stability and loyalty to the truth.

The Council praises Allah Almighty for what He has bestowed upon the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with unity of words and action on the basis of the book of Allah and tradition of the messenger, under the wise leadership of legitimate allegiance. May Allah prolong its success and correct it constantly. May Allah guard for us this blessing and complete it.

Protection of the community is of the greatest principles of Islam. It is the great of what Allah commanded in His Holy Book and condemned whoever abandoned it. Allah Almighty says:"And hold fast, all together, by the rope which God (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude God's favour on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth God make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided".(Al-Imran: 103)

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"Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving Clear Signs: For them is a dreadful penalty". (Al-Imran: 105)

"As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: their affair is with God: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did". (Al Ana'am 159)

This is the principle of protection of the community which the prophet commanded upon all citizens, common and elites alike as he said: "Allah's hand is with communion" (narrated by Tirmidhi). He also said: "Who held back the hand from obedience, will meet Allah on the Day of Resurrection without any justification for himself, and who died without the pledge of allegiance on his neck have met a death of ignorance" (narrated by Muslim). He again said:" He who wanted separate affairs of this nation who are unified, you should kill him with sword whoever he is".(narrated by Muslim)...

Indeed Allah Almighty bestowed upon this country unification in its leadership based on the light of the guidance of the book and the tradition. Neither foreign influences nor parties who have various motivations can separate them as exemplified in the Quran: " in repentance to Him, and fear Him: establish regular prayers, and be not ye among those who join gods with Allah. Those who split up their Religion, and become (mere) Sects, each party rejoicing in that which is with itself, (Roman:31-32). The Kingdom has maintained its Islamic identity with progress and prosperity and obtained it with legal secular means.

It has been the great blessing of Allah upon citizens of this country, rulers and ruled alike, that He honored them with the service to two noble shrines which, by praise and grace of Allah, receive full care of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to implement command of Allah: Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety; and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Isma'il that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer). ( al-Baqarah: 125).

The Kingdom has won a special priority in the Islamic world because of this service for it is direction of the worship for Muslim and land of the two shrines. Muslims come from all directions to perform the pilgrimage in the season of Hajj and whole year for Umrah and visiting.

The Council of Senior Scholars, with the blessing of loyalty to guidance of the book and tradition and under wise leadership, hereby call all people to utilize all means that increase the cohesion, strengthen intimacy, and warn against all means contrary to this. Taking this opportunity, the Council affirms the necessity of mutual advice, understanding and cooperation in righteousness and piety, and in prohibition of evil and hostility.

It warns against injustice, oppression, and despise of the truth, as it warns also from deviated intellectual trends and partisanship. This nation in this country is one group committed to tradition of the pious Salaf and their followers and to the footsteps of Imams in the past and present. The Council considers this advice as having a high religious value, for the prophet said: “the religion is advice”. When asked to whom, he said: “ to Allah, His Book, His Prophet, Imams of the Muslim and common folk" (Narrated by Muslim).

It is certainly applicable to the guardians (in charge of Muslim affairs). The prophet said: " Allah is pleased with you for three things: to worship Him without joining anyone with Him, to hold fast the rope of Allah without division and to give advice to whom Allah has entrusted your affairs" (narrated by Imam Ahmad).

Therefore the council herebyreaffirms that only the reform and council that has its legitimacy is that which may bring welfare and avert the evil, whereas it is illegal to issue statements and take signatures for the purposes of intimidation and inciting the strife. That is contrary to what Allah Almighty commanded in His words: “When there comes to them some matter of public safety or fear, they divulge it.

If they had only referred it to the Messenger, or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have Tested it from them (direct). Were it not for the Grace and Mercy of Allah unto you, all but a few of you would have fallen into the clutches of Satan” (An Nisa: 83).

Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on the Qur'an, Sunnah, the pledge of allegiance, and the necessity of unity and loyalty, then reform should not be by demonstrations and other means and methods that give rise to unrest and divide the community. This is what is affirmed by scholars of this country in the past and present to prohibit these methods and warn against them.

The Council affirms prohibition of the demonstrations in this country and the legal method which realizes the welfare without causing destruction rests on the mutual advice. It is what practiced by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and followed by his companions and their followers.

The Council affirms the mandate of legislative, inspective and executive institutions to carrying out their duties as stipulated by state regulations and instructions for the governors. We pray to Allah Almighty to protect our country and all Muslim countries from all evils. Guide us to the path of peace, show us the truth and enable us to follow it.

Show us the falsehood and help us to avoid it. Guide the misguided Muslims, for Allah is the only one responsible for the leadership of the guardians upon which the welfare of the people and country is rest. He is the only guardian and the powerful. May Allah bless our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions

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