Al-Nour Party

The Al-Nour Party (Hizb Al-Nour) is a new political Salafi party that has been established in Egypt since the revolution. The party homepage states that they have established their party to combat the deep corruption in the executive and legislative braches, which led to enriching one group of people at the expense of all the Egyptian society.

The leader of the party, Dr. Emad Abd al-Ghafour, said in the first conference for the party, “We are aiming to achieve political reform where people can express their right in choosing their leaders.”  Al-Nour’s main goal is to achieve social justice in “all its dimensions.” The party is aiming to address social, educational, health, culture and identity, foreign policy, security, and political issues. On the issue of culture and identity, the party states in their program that the it will adapt Islam as a religion of the state and Arabic is the official language. Furthermore, the principles of Islamic Shari’a are to be the main source of legislation.

Like many parties in Egypt, Al-Nour is looking toward the upcoming election with confidence. In an article published in Ahram electronic magazine Dr. Abd al-Gafour said that the party will prefer to join the Democratic Alliance led by Al-Nour Party, and not the Freedom and Justice Party, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Dr. Abd al-Gafour added that his party has a very strong relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. He noted, however, that the Al-Nour Party will run in the election with an independent list, pointing to the existence of understanding and coordination among all Islamic parties.

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