Two Prominent Tunisian Progressive Intellectuals Attacked by Muslims Extremists

Video, posted 2.1.2012, from Tunisia, in:
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Summary of an article from Tunisisan News site Business News.

Summary: Two prominent Tunisian left-wing thinkers were attacked in front of the Palace of Justice in the Kasbah, where Nessma TV's Nabil Karoui was to be judged for his controversial airing of Persepolis. Karoui's trial was eventually postponed to April 19th.

Business News published a video of this, in its author's words, "savage aggression of which our colleagues and friends Zyed Krichen and Hamadi Redissi were victims." The posted video was taken from a "social networking site."

According to Business News, "we see clearly in this video a hoard of savages (and the word is weak) strike out against two of our most brilliant intellectuals in Tunisia. Vulgar language galore [à profusion] and countless insults. Our two researchers (Mr. Krichen is not uniquely a journalist) were treated in the worst way [traités de la pire manière] in front of the Palace of Justice, by a band of cranks [illuminés] that proclaimed themselves to be the defenders of God."

The article continues, "One thing is certain:  the wrongdoings of this band of extremists (true Salafis never promoted violence or insults) in no way help the cause of religion. If there is someone who is doing a disservice to Islam in Tunisia, it is truly them, and this video is the best evidence of that."

"We publish this video, all the while reaffirming our total and unfailing support for Mr. Krichen and Mr. Redissi and warning our readers of the violence nature of the video and the vulgar propos therein."

Business News does note at the end of its article that, "during the plenary session at the Constituent Assembly, [Tunisian prime minister and member of the Islamist party Ennahdha] Hamadi Jebali condemned without equivocation or ambiguity the aggression of these journalists, whatever their [political] positions may be, due to [his belief in the] freedom of the press. He [Jebali] also [specifically] cited Zyed Krichen among the people aggressed, reaffirming his support of Krichen in spite of divergences in their viewpoints and declaring that the aggression of journalists are contrary to the principles of the revolution."