Tunisian Lawyer: Death Penalty Possible for TV Station Head

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Summary: In this video of an interview with Nasr Saïdi (in Tunisian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic), Saïdi (a member of the plaintiff collective of lawyers in the Nessma TV trial) affirms that the crime of which Nessma TV head Nabil Karoui is accused is punishable by death.

Saïdi made this declaration to a Tunisie Numérique correspondent, following the opening statement in the trial of Nessma TV which began on April 19, 2012, at the Tribunal of the First Instance [de première instance] of Tunis. Saïdi indicated that the death penalty was provided for by juridical texts.

The trial began with the opening statements by the plaintiff lawyers, notably Raja Hadj Mansour, Seifeddine Makhlouf, and Nasr Saïdi. Mansour affirmed that the film Persepolis, broadcast by Nessma, is contrary to the religious values and principles of Tunisians and offends their sensibilities and traditions.

Mansour also affirmed that her own son was very shocked and upset after viewing the film. She demanded appropriate sanctions to dissuade future violations.