Tunisian Islamist Party Ennahdha "Is the Winner": Leftist Parties Far Behind

Video, posted 11.7.2011, from Tunisia, in:
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This English-language video features footage of Ennahdha party members celebrating their party's overwhelming success in the October 23rd elections for the Constituent Assembly.

The video also features an interview with Soumaya Ghannouchi, the daughter of Ennahdha head Rached Ghannouchi. She tells Tunisia Live that Ennahdha "is not interesting in monopolizing, dominating, or governing on its own, no. Ennahdha has said it time and time again that it's looking for a national coalition, a broad national coalition, in order to rise up, be able to meet those huge challenges facing Tunisia today."

The video's narrator tells listeners, "The results [of the Tunisian elections] show that Tunisia is more conservative than many had predicted. The question is, 'where is the Tunisia left wing?' Parties like the PDP [Progressive Democratic Party] and PDM [Democratic Modernist Pole] are no longer present in the new electoral map of the country. Will these parties ever be able to regain the voters they have lost?"