Egypt: A Statement by The Islamic Legitimate Body on the Events of Maspero

Video, posted 10.17.2011, from Egypt, in:
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Summary: The Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation, a Salafi-Islamic independent body, issued a statement via YouTube defending the Egyptian army's actions against demonstrating Egyptian Copts.

Muhammad Yousry Ibrahim, the secretary general of the Legitimate Commission, accused the Copts of carrying guns during the protest and of shooting toward the army, which led to the killing on both sides.

He stated that the goal of the demonstrations was not to protest the demolishing of a Coptic church, but an attempt to delay the upcoming election. Ibrahim continued, “While people from all national and political parties are getting ready for the upcoming election… a particular group is trying to hit the stability in Egypt.”

In the name of the Legitimate Commission, he called on the Egyptian military to stand against those who are trying to bring chaos to Egypt.