Tayser Rajab Bayoud Tamimi

Cheikh Tayser Rajab Bayoud Tamimi was born in Hebron in 1952. He attended Al-Azhar University in Egypt, where he graduated in 1975 with a Degree in Religious and Civil Law.  He holds a Master's of Arts Degree in Jurisprudence and Legislation from Al Najah University (Faculty of Islamic Creed) in Nablus, Palestine. He worked in Sharia courts as a judge, an inspector for Sharia courts, a director of the Sharia courts, and then became the deputy for Palestine's supreme judge. He was assigned as Palestine's supreme Judge of Sharia Courts in 2002. In 2003, Sheikh Tamimi was assigned as the Head of the Higher Council of Sharia Jurisdiction and Head of the Supreme Sharia Court in Palestine. He is also the Head of the Interreligious Dialogue Committee in Palestine and Head of the Committee for Defending the Islamic and Christian Holy Places in Jerusalem.