Tarek Yassin al-Refa’i

Tarek Yassin al-Refa’i is Sheikh of the Rifa’i order. He was appointed in 2008 following the death of his uncle, the former Sheikh of the Rifa’i Order, Ahmed Kamel Yassin. Yassin was also the Grand Sheikh of the Sufi Orders in Egypt and President of Al-Ashraf.

The Rifa’i Order is the largest Sufi order in Egypt with 3-5 million followers. The historical leader of this order was Sheikh Ahmad al-Rifa’i, who is buried in Iraq. The grandson of Ahmad al-Rifa’i is burried in al-Refa’i Mosque in al-Sayyeda Aisha neighborhood in Cairo Sheikh, the major mosque of al-Rifa’i order in Egypt.