Mohammad Ali Elahi

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi joined the Islamic Seminary when he was twelve years old and eventually became recognized nationwide as a prominent speaker. He was imprisoned for a while for his lectures against political corruption during the pre-revolution era in Iran. He was later appointed to teach Islamic ethics and values in the Navy. During the Iran-Iraq war, he visited the front line often to encourage the soldiers to stop the aggression of Saddam Hussein. After five years as a spiritual leader in the Navy, he established the Cultural Research Center in Tehran to explain the spiritual motivations of the martyrs.

In 1986, he traveled to London for one year. In 1991, he received an invitation from the World Religions Conference in San Francisco and was invited to reside permanently in the United States. In 1992, he came to Dearborn, Michigan and served as the Imam and Director of the Islamic Center. In 1995, driven by his openness and concern for the young generation, he established the Islamic House of Wisdom, now one of the largest mosques in the United States. Imam Elahi also received his Bachelor Degree in Sociology and his Masters Degree in Social Science in Iran and the USA. He speaks frequently on improving intra-Muslim relations.