Amr Khaled

Amr Khaled is one of the most famous preachers in Egypt, employing the Internet, Satellite TV Channels, tapes, CDs, and books to transmit his message. Khaled was banned from preaching in Egypt since 2002. The reason was attributed to his rising popularity and growing influence. But despite this ban, Khaled’s presence continued in Egypt through satellite TV channels. In 2007, Time magazine put him among the 100 most important people in the world. Khaled and similar preachers present themselves as ordinary Muslims who struggle to maintain their religious identity and guidelines in life while living through modernity. Their message differs from that of the more Salafi-oriented preachers who insist on a pure form of Islam.

Khaled participated in the January 25th uprising a few days after it started. He made tours to hospitals to visit the patients and supported the efforts for blood donations. There were rumors that Amr Khaled will be the candidate of Al-Wafd Party in the Presidential elections. Khaled publicly denied these rumors and remained vague about the likelihood of his running for presidency. In an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly in 2005, Khaled boasted of the 1.4 million young people who have taken part in this TV-and web-based project encouraging the young to start their own businesses. He graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University.


  • Amr Khaled Personal Website
  • The program Wa-nalka al-Ahebba (And we meet the beloved ones) was hosted by Amr Khaled and It discussed the lives of the friends and companions of Prophet Muhammad.
  • The program ‘Ala Khota al-Habib (Following the Footsteps of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad) aired on Iqraa Satellite Channel and discussed the life of the Prophet.
  • The program Sonna’ al-Haya is Amr Khaled’s trademark show. The program approaches religion as a tool of social and economic transformation and attracts a considerable audience.