Ahmed Sobhy Mansour

Ahmed Sobhy Mansour (b. 1949) is the founder of the International Quranic Center (IQC). The IQC board includes Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Mansour studied history and Islamic civilization at Al-Azhar University and graduated in 1973. He further received his Master and PhD from Al-Azhar. He is the founder of the Quranist sect in Egypt. He

Mansour taught at Al-Azhar University but he resigned in mid 1980s after legal and administrative battles with the University. This was mainly for his publications that expressed disagreement with Sufism and also some mainstream Sunni idea including the superiority of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) and his Shafa’a (forgiveness) in the Day of Judgment. Mansour sought and was granted political asylum in the United States in 2002.