Ahmed Kutty

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty (b. 1946, Kerala, India) graduated in the traditional Islamic sciences and received the ijazah (certification) of al-Faqih fi al-Deen (jurisprudence) from Islamiya College Santapuram, a leading Islamic institution in south India. He then obtained his Licentiate in Usul al-Deen (principles of religion) from the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. In 1973 he earned a Masters in Islamic Studies from the University of Toronto.

Kutty has served on the Fiqh Council of North America, the pre-eminent Islamic law body on the continent. He has served as Imam and resident scholar at various institutions in Montreal and Toronto, including Toronto's Jami Mosque and the Islamic Foundation of Toronto. He teaches courses in various areas including Quran & Hadith Sciences, Islamic theology & jurisprudence, and he is the author of numerous scholarly works and opinion pieces. His fatwas (legal rulings) appear on various international sites including, Islamonline.net, Islamicity.com, Islamophile.org, Infad.usim.edu.my, and Islam.ca.