Religious Authority

Born in 1971 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to parents descended from the Imam Hussein, son of Ali, al-Jifri was raised and educated among the Hadramawt diaspora which had left due to Communist rule in South Yemen.  He pursued Islamic studies in Sana'a and Baeda in Yemen and has received recognition internationally for founding the Tabah Foundation, contributing to the management of the Com

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Sheikh Mazhar Shahin (b.1974 in Tanta, Egypt) is an Egyptian imam and Muslim preacher, who became well-known during the January 25th uprisings and their aftermath. Shahin was born in 1974 in Tanta and received a masters degree in Quranic Studies from al-Azhar University. He then went on to recei

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Mokhtar al-Jebali, a preacher and teacher at Qur’anic schools in Tunis, received his training at the Zeitouna and formed the Tunisian Front of Islamic Associations in early March 2012 to unite those Tunisian organizations with an Islamic orientation.  Jebali and the Front first rose to national prominence two weeks afterward with the organization of a protest before the Na

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Mohamed Hammami (1935-  ), a Tunisian imam, lived in France for several decades preaching at the Omar Mosque in Paris before his October 2012 expulsion and deportation to Tunisia.  French authorities explained his expulsion by reference to anti-Semitic language and advocacy of violent jihad and violence against women which constituted a threat to French society and se

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Hassen Chalghoumi (1972-  ) is the imam of the mosque of Drancy near Paris, having moved to France from his native Tunisia at the age of 24.  He studied at the Zaytouna University in Tunis, as well as in India, Pakistan, and Syria.  Chalghoumi has gained accolades from the French government and the Jewish French community for his liberal views on Islam, including

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Hamda Said (June 10, 1940 -   ) was appointed Grand Mufti of Tunisia by Interim President Moncef Marzouki on July 6th, 2013, shortly before the beginning of Ramadan.  Born in Bani Khair, in northeastern Nabeul Governate, Said received degrees in shari’a and theology in 1966 and his doctorate in Islamic law and fiqh in 1987.  From 1989, he served a

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Sheikh Othman Battikh (appointed Oct.

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Allam, 55, was born in the Nile Delta governorate of Beheira. He received his PhD in 1996 from the Al-Azhar University Faculty of Sharia and Law. His most famous book concerns the predetermination of the sex of a fetus and its legality and legitimacy according to Islamic law.

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Sheikh Muhammad Abu Al-Isaad Al-Alam was a religious jurist from a prominent family. Italians appointed him as the Mufti of Tripolitania (year not found). Later, He was also appointed chairman of the preparatory committee of 21 to set the agenda for the national constitutional convention to implement the national assembly in 1950.

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