Abd al-Jalil was born in 1952 in Bayda and studied Sharia at the University of Libya. Prior to his work in the Gadhafi government, Abd al-Jalil served as a judge in Bayda beginning in 1978, and eventually became president of the Bayda court. Mustafa Abd al-Jalil served as chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC), and spokesman for the eastern city of Bayda.

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Ali al-Sallabi is closely affiliated with the Muslim brotherhood and mostly known from his recurrent TV appearance on al-jazeera during the revolution.

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Zubair Ahmed al-Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi is king Idris’ nephew. He was the world longest political prisoner from 1970-2001, after spending 31 years in prison for his involvement in an attempted coup against Gadhafi in 1970.

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Al-Amin Belhaj is a businessman who lived with his wife and children in Manchester until returning for last year's revolution. Al-Amin Belhaj is now the Justice and Construction party's campaign manager. He was also a member in the National Transitional Council. Unhappy with the outcome of the election, Belhaj charged Mahmoud Jibril of using unfair campaign practices for his victory.

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Abd al-Karim Belhaj was born in 1966 in Tripoli and earned a civil engineering degree from al-Fatah University. Belhaj is former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which fought in Afghanistan and later in Libya during the 1990 aiming to topple the regime. He also spent several years in prison under Gaddafi.

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Abd al-Rahim al-Keeb, an electronics engineer from Tripoli, became Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) interim prime minister in October 2011, following Mahmoud Jibril’s resignation. Al-Keeb is responsible for leading an interim cabinet, set to govern Libya until the elections set for June 2012.

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Mahmoud Jibril served as interim prime minister of Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) during the first six months of the 2011 rebellion. Jibril made frequent trips abroad to press foreign governments to support the rebellion. He formerly served under the Gadhafi regime as head of the National Economic Development Board.

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Abdallah Naker is the chairman of the Tripoli Revolutionist Council (TRC). Prior to joining the organization, he worked as an electrical engineer in Zintan.

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Tawakkul Karman (Feb.

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