Tunisian Islamist Party Ennahdha: "We Will Not Persecute Women"

News article, posted 12.01.2011, from Tunisia, in:
Ahmed Ellali
Tunisian Islamist Party Ennahdha: "We Will Not Persecute Women" (Photo: Tunisia Live)

Rached Ghannouchi, head of Ennahda, held a press conference today, October 28th, to point out the party’s strategies and to release the plans of the movement during the coming term of the Constituent Assembly.

Ghannouchi considered the elections an unprecedented victory for Tunisians. He also gave a brief summary of the Arab and Islamic reform movements, which represent links between Islam and modernity.

Ghannouchi reminded Tunisians about his Islamic and modernist theory of reforms, claiming that his movement is committed to dialogue and that it denounces all forms of violence. He declared that a republic must be established, and that the principle of consensus will be the most important element in the new Constitution and method of governing.

“Ennahda avails itself this opportunity to renew its principles…Ennahda leaders devote their lives to the rejection of dictatorship and persecution. These are our principles which we have been fighting for a long time, and they will never be abandoned once we move from the opposition to the ruling position.”


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