Tunisian Interior MInister Questioned After Violent Protest Repression

News article, posted 04.18.2012, from Tunisia, in:
Tunisian Interior MInister Questioned After Violent Protest Repression (Photo: Tunisia Live)

Summary: Interior Minister and Ennahdha Member Ali Laarayedh was questioned by the Constituent Assembly. The “Democratic Bloc,” the opposition composed of prominent center-left Modernist Democratic Pole (PDM) and the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), along with center-right Afek Tounes and some independent lists, called for him to be questioned.

According to Tunisia Live, Laarayedh maintained to the Constituent Assembly that demonstrators had aggressed police officers, throwing rocks at them. Tunisia Live also notes that Laarayedh had also stated on national television on the evening of April 9th that protesters had thrown Molotov cocktails at security forces.

Laarayedh came to speak before the Constituent Assembly on April 12, equipped with videos which he said proved the aggression of police forces by protesters. According to Tunisia Live, however, “The videos that Laarayadh showed included scenes of people negotiating with the police, and other scenes of some protesters using bags of stones to block the road and prevent security forces from reaching them, but none of them provided evidence corroborating the existence, or the use, of Molotov cocktails.” Tunisia Live also notes that Maya Jribi, member of the opposition and prominent PDP head, said that the videos “proved that the protest was peaceful, contrary to his [Laarayedh’s] claims.”