Qaradawi calls on Egyptians to ignore plots to divide them

News article, posted 03.11.2011, from Egypt, in:
Ikhwan Web
Qaradawi calls on Egypt to ignore sectarian plots


“A plot against the January 25 Revolution to distort its image”. These words were used by president of the International Union of Islamic Scholars Dr. Yusef Qaradawi, to describe the attack on a Coptic church stressing that sectarianism was a scheme against the revolution. 

 Qaradawi's comments were made in a statement in which he singled out those who had been in power as the plotters stressing the former regime’s ruling NDP must be behind the plot along with the thugs employed by the dissolved state security apparatus.

He believed the corrupt regime remnants were responsible for playing  the sectarian card to cause divisions whenever it wants, indicating that there is evidence of this found by the many documents obtained by the revolutionaries.

Al-Qaradawi went on to urge Egyptians to support the new government led by Essam Sharaf calling on different factions to work together in building the nation especially in this critical phase for the country.