Pakistan College Library Renamed After Bin Laden

News article, posted 04.18.2014, from Pakistan, in:

The Jamia Hafsa Madrassam, an Islamic seminary for women in Islamabad, has renamed its library after Osama bin Laden, the former head of al Qaeda (Dawn, AFP). The library, which houses about 2,000 books that are all related to Islam, is in a huge complex in the heart of Islamabad. A spokesman for the Madrassa, which is linked to the Red Mosque, known for its links with militants, said the new name was a tribute to "a hero." The chief cleric, Maulana Abdul Aziz, warned that "if the government makes madrassas and mosques its target then Sharia (Islamic law) allows us to retaliate - if anyone will be harsh with us, they should not expect flowers in return" (BBC). His comments follow a large rally on Thursday in Sindh province that was staged by seminary students to protest what they called a move to ban madrassas in Sindh (Dawn). The proposed government regulation would require all madrassas to be registered, but protestors believed the regulation would be going against Islam and against the Pakistani constitution.