Muslim Brotherhood Statement Supporting those Working to End Sectarian Strife in Egypt

News article, posted 03.11.2011, from Egypt, in:
Ikhwan Web
MB chairman thanks all who intervened to end sectarian strife

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, has offered his sincere thanks to all those who intervened to put out the fire of sectarian sedition witnessed earlier this week in Sol, South Cairo which resulted in 13 fatalities and 140 gunfire injuries.

In a statement Badie supported Many Egyptians’ beliefs that sectarian violence was being fanned by remnants of the deposed Mubarak regime to undermine the success of the People’s revolution which succeeded in toppling the dictator.

He added that the plot was a slack scheme by the few remaining Mubarak cronies and loyalists who played the sectarian card to downplay the evident unity between Muslims and Christians witnessed worldwide where religious and ideological differences were set aside and replaced with patriotism andmutual respect.