Monday’s papers: Brotherhood phobia …and philia

News article, posted 08.21.2012, from Egypt, in:
Lina Attalah
Monday’s papers: Brotherhood phobia …and philia (Photo: Al-Masry Al-Youm)

The same Eid celebrations, sermons and accidents make up the headlines on Egypt's dailys' front pages this morning. Where the newspapers differ greatly, is in their approach of covering these events.

For the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice daily, an Eid-themed front page consists of a cropped photo of a child carrying huge balloons and a headline reading, “million-men marches of joy in Eid prayers’ playgrounds. The president prays in Amr Ibn al-As mosque in the presence of the masses. Children are showered with gifts and citizens flock to public gardens.”

An exact opposite image is shown by the daily Al-Dostour, which has become the Freedom and Justice -  the party, the paper and the movement’s - official enemy.

On one of its signature manifesto-style front pages, the headline reads, “Egypt lives an depressed life in Eid days. Ramadan used to be one of the greatest months for Copts before Muslims. But this year, Ramadan was sad and Eid is sadder and it’s all strange for us.”

Note: This is the same Eid, the same country and, the same press.

Al-Dostour, which front pages in the past weeks were filled with conspiratory and fiery coverage about a Brotherhood plot to destroy the country, opted for more emotional language this morning, perhaps in tandem with the Eid mood. “Did the glorious 25 January revolution break out in order for the Brothers to rule us?  Did these heroes die in martyrdom for the sake of the Brotherhood?” reads its sub-headline text this morning.


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