Liberal and Christian figures, groups protest Clinton's Egypt visit

Liberal and Christian figures, groups protest Clinton's Egypt visit (Photo: Reuters)

A number of liberal and Christian politicians and public figures have condemned US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Egypt, accusing the United States of harbouring bias towards Egypt's Islamist parties, especially the Muslim Brotherhood.

This has coincided with several popular demonstrations against Clinton's visit outside the US embassy in Cairo, the presidential palace and the Four Seasons hotel in which Clinton is staying.

Liberal parties and movements, including the Free Egyptians party and the Front for Peaceful Change, have participated in the protests against Clinton's visit, which have recently shifted from the US embassy to the presidential palace.

They were joined by other political forces opposed to Egypt's revolution, including supporters of Mubarak-era vice president Omar Suleiman.

The Front for Peaceful Change, a pro-revolution youth group, issued a statement on Saturday calling on the Egyptian public to participate in the protests to register its rejection of perceived US interfere in Egypt's affairs and its alleged deal-making with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Accusations of a secret agreement hammered out between the US and the Brotherhood is a common refrain among the opponents of Clinton's visit.

Emad Gad, a Coptic-Christian member of Egypt's dissolved lower house of parliament for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, saw Clinton's visit to Cairo within the context of an alleged US-Brotherhood deal through which Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi assumed Egypt's presidency.

"In exchange for Morsi's being named president, the Brotherhood is expected to protect Israel's security by pressuring Hamas – the Brotherhood's branch in Palestine – not to launch military attacks against Israel, and even accept a peace agreement with Tel Aviv," Gad told Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news website.


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