Iran's Ayatollah Rafsanjani: On the People's Support of Islamic Regime

News article, posted 03.24.2010, from Iran
Radio Farda
Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani, the President of Iran's Assembly of Experts (the authority to supervise the Leader) and the Expediency Council, accused authorities of not paying attention to justified critiques, and emphasized that the Islamic regime will be jeopardized if it loses the popular support. He requested the regime's authorities to be "more tolerant and pay attention to justified critiques."

Since the commencement of popular protests in Iran he has taken one or two occasions to criticize the country's situation calling it in "crisis." In the course of the only Friday prayers where he delivered his sermon, he has furnished some recommendations and suggestions for escaping from this situation.

He has emphasized that "our sacred objective is to return to the people that trust and confidence which called them to participate in the election. He quoted Ayatollah Khomeini (the former Supreme Leader) that "if we have the people with us we have everything, and if the people are upset," it would be impossible to rule.

Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani delivered Friday prayers sermon only once after the June presidential election. Protesters took advantage of that occasion to express their concerns. Since then, he never delivered speech at Friday prayers, and even was absent during the Friday prayers of the Day of Quds, on which traditionally he delivers speech.

Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani tacitly addressed the protests and added "Ayatollah Khomeini used to consider people's awareness the most important and the benchmark for the path of the Islamic revolution, and founded this revolution on the trust and confidence from people."

He then warned against the consequences of excluding people from governance and said "so long as the Islamic regime is mobilized and moved coherent with the trust and confidence of our people, it is victor. But if we exclude the people the regime will be jeopardized.

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رئیس مجمع تشخیص مصلحت نظام و مجلس خبرگان رهبری ایران با متهم کردن مسئولان به بی‌توجهی به