ElBaradei's new Egyptian party names itself 'Constitution'

News article, posted 04.23.2012, from Egypt, in:
ElBaradei's new Egyptian party names itself 'Constitution' (Photo: AP)

The founders of a party established by Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei announced Sunday they decided rename it Constitution Party.

The party was first named the People’s Revolution Party, but it had to be changed after another existing party had the same name.

The party formed a four-member committee of constitutional law professor Hossam Eissa, diplomat Shokry Fouad, writer Alaa al-Aswany and activist George Ishaq to manage the party’s affairs until it is officially registered.

A statement issued by ElBaradei’s party on Sunday said the co-founders include ElBaradei, diplomat Sayed Qassem al-Masry, activist Ahmed Harara and rights activist Ragia Emran.

The founders of the party will hold a conference next week to announce that they will start to collect powers of attorney to register the party, the statement said.


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