Egypt's liberal Adl Party slams new cabinet appointments

News article, posted 08.05.2012, from Egypt, in:
Egypt's liberal Adl Party slams new cabinet appointments

In a Wednesday statement, Egypt's liberal Adl Party blasted recently announced appointments to the incoming government of Prime Minister Hisham Qandil.

The party condemned the selections, saying they were "biased towards one particular political current" and "raise concerns that the Muslim Brotherhood's guidance bureau is influencing the new prime minister in the formation of Egypt's new cabinet."

The Adl Party went on to demand that new ministers be appointed on the basis of merit, so as to "reassure citizens that new government ministers are qualified for their posts and that the age of nepotism has ended." 

Members of Qandil's new cabinet were formally named on Wednesday. They include three prominent figures from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice and Party, along with six ministers from the outgoing government of former prime minister Kamal El-Ganzouri.