Egyptian SCAF to issue new constitutional declaration

News article, posted 05.18.2012, from Egypt, in:
Egyptian SCAF to issue new constitutional declaration (Photo: Reuters)

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is to issue a new constitutional declaration, or revive an amended version the 1971 constitution, specifying the new president's powers, before polls open Wednesday, according to a military source.

The move comes after the constituent assembly failed to draft a new constitution in time.

SCAF members discussed the move with political party representatives at a meeting Tuesday.

Farid Ismail, head of the Freedom and Justice Party's defence and national security committee, said his party opposed the move and would discuss alternatives with other political parties over the coming days.

Yusri Hammad, official spokesman of Salafist Nour Party, told Al-Shorouk that "the party supports the SCAF's decision to help us emerge from the current crisis."

Independent MP Wahid Abdel-Meguid said a meeting of political parties scheduled for Wednesday at the liberal Wafd Party's premises was cancelled because Wafd Party leader El-Sayed El-Badawi preferred to wait until the SCAF's new temporary constitution was officially published in the state-run Al-Gareeda Al-Rasmeya newspaper.

Egypt's first presidential elections after ouster of Hosni Mubarak will take place on 23/24 June.


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