Egyptian Mufti Condemns the Killing of the Chairman of the Fatwa Committee

News article, posted 12.20.2011, from Egypt, in:
Egyptian Mufti Condemns the Killing of the Chairman of the Fatwa Committee

Sheikh Emad Effat, the Chairman of the Fatwa Committee in the Fatwa House in Egypt was killed Friday December 16, 2011, during the clashes between protesters and the police in the front of the cabinet building. Sheikh Effat was trying deescalate the conflict between the security forces and the demonstrators when a bullet pierced his heart. According to the medical sources in Egypt, the death toll has risen to 13 protesters, 9 of them died by live bullets. Over 500 have been wounded since the violence began last Friday.

The Dar al-Eftaa’ ("Fatwa House”) issued a statement sending their condolences to Sheikh Effat’s family and asking the government to open an investigation to find out who committed the killing. The Fatwa House stated that they will not rest until they send the person who killed Sheikh Effat to court. In the meantime, Dr. Ali Gom’a, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said, “What happened to Sheikh Emaad is assassination.” He blamed the authorities for not answering his question about the killing.

Dr. Muhammad al-Barade’i, a likely candidate for the presidency, commented on the killing of Sheikh Emad saying, “If Sheikh Emad had been targeted as the Mufti Ali Gom’a said, then we live in a time when organized crime is in charge.” Barade’i commented on the security forces’ violence against the protesters by saying that the military council should be ashamed of itself. Since the revolution started on January 25, Barade’i added, “Hundreds of civilians have been tortured and killed while the ruling authority denies the use of violence.” He commented that there is no way to trust what authorities have been saying since the revolution started. 

Fahmi Howeidi, an Egyptian Islamic scholar and thinker, said in the article, Who killed Emad?, “Since there is no proof of  who killed Sheikh Emad, we accuse the police of doing it.” After seeing the police officers shooting at the demonstrators and the soldiers showering them with tear gas, Howeidi declared, “We no longer trust what the police or the army tells us.”

It is known that Sheikh Eman Effat was the one who issued the Fatwa that forbade voting for the Fuloul (or “the members of the former Mubarak regime”) because as he said they have contributed to corruption and to the destruction of the future of Egypt.