Egyptian April 6 Movement denounces meeting between military and other parties

News article, posted 11.25.2011, from Egypt, in:
Amira al-Shinawi
Egyptian April 6 Movement denounces meeting between military and other parties

Summary: The April 6 Movement announced its rejection of a meeting between the Military Council and some political parties that the movement claims do not represent Tahrir Square. The Egyptian Military Council, headed by Muhammad Tantawi, held an urgent meeting with political leaders on November 22, 2011 to discuss the crisis in Egypt. The Council called the meeting after clashes started between the protesters and the police in Tahrir Square on November 18. These clashes have resulted in the killing of around 40 protesters with more than 400 injured.

The parties who participated in the meeting announced that the results of the meeting are in line with the protesters’ demands. Dr. Muhammad Mursi, the head of the Freedom and Justice Party said on the party website that “the meeting with the Military Council has led to an agreement on several points that the demonstrators asked for.” Some of the points include:

“The Military Council accepted the resignation of Essam Sharaf Government, to form a national salvation government, to ensure that the parliamentary elections will happen on time next Monday November 28, 2011, to have a deadline to hand over the power to an elected civil government at a date no later than July 2012, to prepare a draft law for procedures of the presidential elections, to withdrawal the troops from Tahiri Square, to send the ones who are responsible for killing the protesters to trial, to pay back the families of martyrs, to provide treatment for the injured protesters, and the release of arrested demonstrators.”

The parties who participated in the meeting are:

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أعلنت حركة 6 أبريل رفضها لإجتماع المجلس العسكري اليوم مع بعض الأحزاب والقوى السياسيه التي لاتمثل ميدان التحرير
والغير متواجدة بالميدان وسط الثوار من الأساس
وتؤكد الحركة أن مطالب الميدان معلنة ولا تفاوض عليها وعلى المجلس العسكري أن يستمع إليها وينفذها على الفور
وتشير الحركة أن رفضها جاء إيمانا منها بخطورة الظرف الراهن وأهمية اللحظة التاريخية وانطلاقا من مسئولستها تجاه الوطن وتجاه دماء شهداء الثورة