Early expat vote results could spoil electoral process: UK Egyptians

News article, posted 05.16.2012, from Egypt, , in:
Early expat vote results could spoil electoral process: UK Egyptians (Photo: AP)

Leaders within the United Kingdom's Egyptian community heavily criticised the Supreme Presidential  Electoral Commission (SPEC) for its decision to announce the results of Egyptian overseas voting before Egyptians in Egypt start to vote.

According to SPEC instructions, Egyptian ambassadors and consulars abroad should count votes and announce the results after the closing of voting stations by end of Thursday, 17 May, the last day for expat voting. The Egyptian embassy in London says the counting is most likely to start Friday morning and the results announced by end of that day. 

Egyptian community leaders in the UK warned that announcing the results before voting starts in Egypt on 23 and 24 May.  

“I am shocked. This step is just a joke. I cannot believe that this is happening," Dr Magdi Ishaq, deputy chairman of the British Egyptian Association told Ahram Online.

He added that announcing the results of Egyptian expat voting is most likely to influence the voting process inside Egypt and could be used by the winner’s campaign to mislead domestic voters.

“People who are still undecided in Egypt will be influenced by results of overseas voting. Voters inside Egypt who are still confused might say ' let us choose the president who has been chosen by the Egyptian intellectuals abroad because they know better than us in Egypt,'" Ishaq argues.

This would be very big mistake, he believes.


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