Clashes and Anger Over the Desecration of the Tunisian Flag

News article, posted 03.12.2012, from Tunisia, in:
Clashes and Anger Over the Desecration of the Tunisian Flag (Photo: Tunisia Live)

Summary: According to Tunisia Live, "One young woman – Kahaoula Rashidi, a student at Manouba University – has attained a degree of celebrity after a video of her attempt to stop the Tunisian flag from being taken down was circulated widely on a number of social media outlets."  Rashidi attempted to stop a religious extremist from placing a black flag, decorated with the Islamic shehada, atop a university flag pole in place of the national flag. Rashidi was pushed to the ground, and the TAP reported that five injuries resulted, three of which required medical attention.
Progressive parties expressed outrage, with one member of the Constituent Assembly, Progressive Democratic Party member Issam Chebbi, shouting during n assembly session, “A journalist was arrested and spent the night in jail whereas the person who dishonored the Tunisian flag is free!" [Chebbi was referring to At-tounissia editor Nasreddine Ben Saida, who was fined 1000 Tunisian dinars for publishing a photo of a German soccer player of Tunisian origin, covering his naked girlfriend's breasts with his hands (See: First Instance Court Issues Verdict on Attounissia Affair).