Brotherhood to make concessions to revolutionary groups to overcome 'crisis'

News article, posted 06.23.2012, from Egypt, in:
Brotherhood to make concessions to revolutionary groups to overcome 'crisis' (Photo: AP)

The Muslim Brotherhood is to announce concessions it will make to more liberal activists for the sake of unity to overcome the “crisis,” at 2:30 on Friday, youth activist Ahmed Imam informed Ahram Online.

The addendum to the Constitutional Declaration announced by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), granting it immunity, making it the sole authority over the military and giving it the right to interfere in the drafting of Egypt's new constitution, is described by many as a "military coup."

Revolutionary figures have already been actively working to push for an immediate transition to civilian rule, and now the Muslim Brotherhood, seeing itself being pushed out of power by the military and the High Constitutional Court which ruled against the Brotherhood-dominated parliament, are taking bolder steps to unite with revolutionary forces.

Several political figures have proposed specific compromises the Brotherhood would need to cede in order for them to align with them. As a consequence, several meeting were held on Thursday between Mursi, political figures and several of the revolutionary youth in hopes of finding an agreement.


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