Bahraini Sheikh calls for an elected government

News article, posted 02.16.2011, from Bahrain, in:

Head of Al-Wefaq National Accord Association, Sheikh Ali Salman, on Wednesday called for due measures to establish an elected government in Bahrain by the majority of the people rather than appointed by the king of ruling minority.

According to AFP, he warned against force used by the government while insisting continuation of demonstrations for weeks or even months to reach the goal.

The Islamic National Accord Association head said his MPs would not end a boycott of parliament until demands were met to transform Bahrain into an elected government where the people are the main source of power.

"The government should be elected by the people who would have the right to hold it accountable," he told a press conference, as angry demonstrators calling for regime change took control of Manama's Lu'lu or Pearl Square, renamed by the protestors as at-Tahrir in honour of Cairo's famous square where Egyptians assembled every day for three weeks till the overthrow of the US-backed Hosni Mubarak regime.

The 18 deputies of the INAA opposition bloc walked out of Bahrain's 40-member parliament on Tuesday in protest at the killing of two demonstrators in clashes with police since Monday.

Sheikh Ali Salman called for a timetable to implement reforms.