Abul Ela Mady resigns from Egyptian advisory council

News article, posted 12.19.2011, from Egypt, in:
Abul Ela Mady resigns from Egyptian advisory council (Photo: Al-Masry Al-Youm)

Wasat Party Chairman Abul Ela Mady resigned on Saturday from the advisory council to the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) because the SCAF ignored the council's recommendations on the cabinet sit-in violence.

The recently formed 35-member civilian advisory council set several demands, including an immediate halt to the violence and an apology from the SCAF to the people.

During the funeral of Sheikh Emad Eddin Effat, secretary general of Dar al-Iftaa, who died on Friday after being shot as army and security forces clashed with protesters, Mady said that the SCAF has primary responsibility for the violence, which has left at least 9 dead and hundreds injured.

Mady announced his resignation after military and security forces clashed with protesters again on Qasr al-Aini Street after the funeral.


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