“Al-Asaala Salafi”: Events in Maspero were a Foreign Plan

News article, posted 10.18.2011, from Egypt, in:
al-Saaid al-Sayyad
“Al-Asaala Salafi”: Events in Maspero were a Foreign Plan

Al-Asalah Salafi Party said in an article, published in al-Mashhad Newspaper, that the events in Maspero in Cairo were organized by foreign hands and were carried out by extremist Christians. They further claimed that the army was protecting the demonstration when the protesters started the shooting.

The aim of the demonstration in Maspero, the party said, was to stop the democratic process that is going to lead to the parliamentiary election. The party went farther in saying that “the extremists Christians” want to drag the Muslims into a clash with the government and to “open the gate for the U.S to enter," which they said is happening.