Muslims as Minorities - GENERAL

Persecution of Egypt's Shiites continues News Story, posted 06.05.2015, from Cairo, Egypt

The Niqab Debate Continues

With the banning of the Muslim women’s niqab (face veil) in France on April 12, 2011, there has been a debate within academia regarding its justification.

Is the complete ban of the face veil the right response?

The ban of Muslim face veils voted on last July went into effect in France on April 12 and two women have already been arrested by the police and one fined.

Since 2004, Muslim school girls have been forbidden to wear headscarves and it would be tempting to see the anti-niqab law as an expansion of the previous law prohibiting religious signs in public schools.

A Missed Opportunity for a Greater Inclusion of Islam in the United States?

With the contentious Congressional hearings on the "radicalization in the American Muslim Community" now open, there is an opportunity to reflect on how fear can tear at American security and social cohesion.

Webinar with Dr. Jocelyne Cesari and Omar Sacirbey Editorial/Analysis, posted 12.03.2010 , from United States