Yusuf al-Qaradawi on ratifying an Islamic Marriage contract after a civil marriage has been consummated:

Religious Authority: 
Yusuf al-Qaradawi

[Full Question: A man used to have a sexual relationship with a woman (either Christian or Jew) without being bound by an Islamic marriage contract. He later entered into marriage with her by virtue of a civil marriage contract, after which they had a baby daughter. He now wishes to ratify an Islamically legal marriage contract. May we write such a contract for this couple? If the answer is yes, what must we do prior to the ratification of the contract?]

Answer: Yes, you may write such a contract that will act as an accreditation to the civil marriage contract which was previously ratified, on condition that the civil contract has fulfilled all legal requirements. The contract that you will write, must be dated similarly to the civil contract. It is preferable to have witnesses to testify to the correctness and authenticity of the contract. There is no need to renew the civil contract of marriage if it has fulfilled all legal requirements. Before the contract is made, you only have to remind the couple of Allah and to ask for His forgiveness for what they committed prior to the civil marriage contract being ratified.