What is your opinion about cloning?

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Iran, in:
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Makarem Shirazi
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What is your opinion about cloning?

Cloning is not inherently forbidden in Islam; but we should be cautious of the potential social, legal and moral problems it may bring about. Because of these problems, it may not be allowed. However, cloning of the organs (not a complete human being) does not have such problems.

ظر شما درمورد شبيه سازي در موارد مختلف چیست؟

شبيه سازي ذاتاً حرام نيست، ولي مفاسد مختلف حقوقي و اخلاقي و اجتماعي و پزشكي دارد فلذا جايز نيست، ولي شبيه سازي اعضا اين مفاسد را ندارد.