What is the resolution of the Islamic Fiqh Academy on plastic surgery?

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Malaysia, in:
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What is the resolution of the Islamic Fiqh Academy on plastic surgery?

The International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), affiliated to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, held its 18th session in Putrajaya, Malaysia on July 9 - 14, 2007 A.C.

After examining the studies sent to the IIFA concerning "plastic surgery and its rules", and after listening to extensive discussions concerning this issue, the following decision was reached:

First: Definition of plastic surgery:
Plastic surgery is any surgical procedure performed for the sake of beautification (modifying a person's appearance) of one or more parts of the external human body or restoring its function, if significant impairment has occurred.

Second: General regulations and conditions for undergoing plastic surgery:

    1. Surgery should achieve a recognized benefit in Shari`ah, such as restoring function, correcting a defect or returning the form to a normal state.
    2. Surgery should not result in harm exceeding the anticipated benefit, and this matter should be decided by trustworthy specialists.
    3. A qualified, specialized physician should perform the surgery; and if not, the consequences will be his/her responsibility (as in the resolution of the IIFA no. 142 - 8/15).
    4. The surgical operation should be performed with the permission of the patient (who has requested the surgery).
    5. The specialized plastic surgeon should make the patient (who will undergo the operation) fully aware of the risks and complications, both expected and potential, of undergoing the operation.
    6. There is no other form of treatment that will be less harmful and invasive for the body than surgery.
    7. There should be no violation of textual evidence in Shariah, such as the Prophet’s saying in the hadith that was narrated by Abdullah ibn Masud, "Allah has cursed women who tattoo or have themselves tattooed, who pluck eyebrows or have them plucked, and women who separate their front teeth for beauty, altering what Allah has created."