What are Qaradawi's recent opinions, fatwas, and statements on the current [early 2009] situation of Palestine?

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Qatar, in:
Religious Authority: 
Yusuf al-Qaradawi

There is a statement issued on Jan. 24, 2009, calling for an end of Israeli aggression on Gaza, supporting the Hamas resistance movement and its militants, supporting all attempts to end the infighting among Palestinian factions of Fatah and Hamas. The statement reminded Arab leaders of the following: the unlimited desire of Arab nations to sacrifice; deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza; to call for a trial of the Zionist leaders who excessively killed civilians and destroyed their houses; and to abrogate the Arab Initiative for Peace. [The Arab Initiative for Peace was proposed by the Arab League in 2002 and re-endorsed in the 2007 Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was an attempt to normalize the relations between Israel and the entire Arab region.]