Vahid-Khorasani forbids surrogate motherhood through IVF

It is not permitted to implant semen from a man into the womb of any women other than his spouse, even if the husband himself perpetrates this. However, if negligently this is done, the woman who has given birth to the baby is that baby's mother and the semen donor is the baby's father, and they shall abide by all the fatwas regarding family and inheritance.

قرار دادن نطفه (منى) مرد اجنبى در رحم غير زوجه او جايز نيست ولو توسط شوهر خودش تلقيح واقع شود. ولى اگر عصياناً اين عمل انجام شود زنى كه اين بچه از او متولد شده مادر اين فرزند و صاحب نطفه شرعاً پدر او محسوب است و همه احكام نسب بين آنها جارى است.