Sistani rules on imported meat like Sadia Chicken

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Iraq, in:
Religious Authority: 
Ali al-Sistanti
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What is the ruling on imported meat like Sadia Chicken?

One can deal with such meats on the basis of general rules and can rule that it is halal in two situations:

1) knowing and reassuring yourself that it is halal

2) To look for reasonable evidence that the meat is halal. This is the like buying the meating from a Muslim person with the probability of him having checked and established the imported meat is halal, BUT if there is no probability of him having checked and established that its halal, than you cannot accept that the meat is halal. The same concept for this previous example can also be applied to a middleman(who must be Muslim) that has delivered imported meat to a certain place.

(دجاج ساديا) وغيره ، او يكتب على بعضها(حلال)او(ذبح على الطريقة الاسلامية) وماشاكل ذلك فماحكم تناولها ؟

يتعامل مع تلك اللحوم على اساس الضوابط العامة فيحكم بحليتها في حالتين: 1- العلم اوالاطمئنان بتذكيتها.2- قيام أمارة على التذكية كما لواشترى من بائع مسلم مع احتمال انه احرز تذكيته الشرعية دون ما اذا لم يحتمل ذلك. وكذا الحكم فيما لوكان احد الوسطاء - في ايصال اللحوم من مصدرها- مسلما