Ali Gomaa of Egypt rules on artificial insemination

Fatwa, posted 11.7.2010, from Egypt, in:
Religious Authority: 
Ali Gomaa
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What is the Islamic ruling on test-tube babies and artificial insemination i.e. to take a sample of the husband’s sperm and place it in a tube stored in a special lab by the direction of physicians?

Artificial insemination i.e. inserting the sperm of the husband inside the womb of his wife; not by means of sexual intercourse, rather, by way of injection or tubes with the aim of impregnation is legally permissible with the condition that the male’s fluid not be mixed with the fluid of another during the process of insemination. If it is mixed with another’s, even minutely, the insemination becomes unlawful. It is also compulsory to discard this fluid, because preserving it leads to the meshing of lineages; a revolting crime that Islamic law prohibits and threatens the one guilty of it with a grievous penalty.

It is also a duty of those who are seeking to procreate via artificial insemination to ascertain fully that the sperm sample is indeed the sample taken from the husband, and that they are inserted into the wife without being mixed with any other specimens, be they from a relative or non-relative. This type of artificial insemination must also be carried out by a trustworthy and religious physician and under his personal supervision.