Mufti Kutty of Canada responds to the question: Is it permissible for Muslims to cast their votes for candidates that have agendas that conflict with Muslim morals?

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Ahmed Kutty
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Islam Online

[Question continued: For example, sometimes a candidate who supports more Muslim rights would also be in favor of gay rights. Candidates who argue for less Israeli settlement expansion may also call for abortion rights.]

Answer: There is no greater agenda for Muslims in the upcoming elections than seeking to restore our rights and freedoms which were taken away from us under the pretext of a war against terror, which in fact was nothing short of a war of aggression.

In fact, when looked at deeply the war was waged in order to promote the interests of the aggressive policies of Israel as they were the only ones who benefited from the war against Iraq.

So Muslims have a religious duty to make sure that such war mongers are never to be elected again; all other issues such as abortion, etc. are to be considered as marginal issues. We must realize the important fact: We cannot work for truth and justice unless we have our basic freedoms restored; so our slogan in the upcoming elections should be to unseat candidates who took away our basic rights and freedoms from us. Let us focus on this one issue: Restoring freedoms and rights; this is our civil responsibility; this is what is to be a true to the values of America; this is also how we can be true to our Islamic values.