May a Muslim eat with a non-Muslim, for example a Hindu, and keep friendly relations with them?

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from India, in:

In the present day situation it is permissible to keep friendly relations with non-Muslims including Hindus, and if the occasion arises where one must eat with them then if the food is halal (permissible) then there is nothing wrong with eating there.

[Note: This fatwa address a concen that eatting food cooked by Hindus could fall into the forbidden catagory of Islamic jurispudence, according to the prohibition on eatting food prepared by a mushrik (a person who denies the unity of God).]

Q. کیا مسلمان غیرمسلم (جیسے ہندو) کے ساتھ کھا نا پینا کرسکتے ہیں اور تعلقات قائم کرسکتے ہیں؟ A. کبھی کبھار وقتی طور پر تعلقات کو باقی رکھنے کے لیے جائز و حلال اشیاء کا ان کے یہاں کھالینے میں کوئی حرج نہیں۔