Islam Web jurists answer the query: Are non-Muslims allowed to enter mosques, and if so for which purposes?

The fuqaha (jurists of Islam) do not have a common opinion concerning letting non-Muslims enter mosques.

Those adhering to the Hanbali school of thought believe that letting non-Muslims enter mosques is prohibited except for the building and maintenance of mosques. Those following the Maliki school of thought also believe that it is prohibited to let non-Muslims enter the mosques except if there is a real need to do so for instance, when there are no Muslim builders or there is a Muslim builder but the unbeliever knows how to do the work better or for a lesser price. Those adhering to the Shafi'i school of thought say that non-Muslims may enter the mosque if they get permission from a Muslim. The Hanafi school of thought believes that non-Muslims can enter a mosque with or without permission from a Muslim. This divergence in opinions concerns all the mosques except the two sacred mosques (Haramain) of Mecca and Madina for which there is another ruling.

We however think that it is better to prevent unbelievers from entering mosques especially when we know that most tourists enter mosques only to admire their architecture. This doesn