On international statements encouraging terrorism:

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Lebanon, in:
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Sayyad Muhammad Hussein Fadallah
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On international statements encouraging terrorism:

Islam puts high value on contract, contracts among people, between the people and the government, and between governments. Islam commands people to abide by contracts; however, nowadays, international contracts, rules, and statements have turned into the instruments of the big powers, and they especially favor Israel. This world is directly and indirectly driven by Israel and its desires; hence violence and aggression in the region is the result of the international alliance against Arab Muslims. This strategy propagates more violence and may spread to other countries and parts of the world.

Muslims should be cautious about policies that are intended to provoke religious and political conflicts among Muslims. Continued conflicts between Muslims over trivial issues has no result except conceding more to foreigners and demolishing the Muslim community.