On freedom of religious choice in Islam:

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Egypt, in:
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Salah al-Sawy
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On freedom of religious choice in Islam:

Post September 11...Americans' Questions About Islam
This article was published by Umm al-Qura Press in Al-Mansura, Egypt.

The chapter "Islam and Other Religions", pp. 86-123, presents an extensive argument in favor of the freedom of religious choice with abundant references to Quran and hadith. [Please see URL for an electronic version of the publication.]

Summary of Article content: The author begins by arguing that: "Difference in creeds and religion is typical of the nature of human existance (86). Al-Sawy then cites the historical recognition of multiple religious communities within majority Muslim territories (87). He refutes that Muslims are in a constant state of war with non-Muslims (88). The author gives extensive consideration to the role of Jesus in the Islamic tradition (89-106), and consideration for the continuity between Jewish and Muslim prophets (106-109). He then compares the relationship that Muslims have to the prophet Muhammad with the relationship that Christians have with Jesus (109-111), as well as the relationship between Muslims and Christians in broad theological sense (111- 117). The chapter rounds out with a theo-historical consideration of the relationship between Muhammad and the Jewish tribes in Arabia (117-121). The conclusion of the chapter gives brief theological consideration to other dimensions of the Muslim-Christian and Muslim-Jewish relations.