The European Council for Fatwa and Research discusses the permissibility of divorce initated by the wife

Fatwa, posted 4.22.2010, from Ireland, in:
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Yusuf al-Qaradawi
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The European Council for Fatwa and Research rules on a woman initiating divorce:

Having discussed this issue at considerable length, The Council reached the following:

First: As a point of principle, Islam granted the right of divorce to the man.
Second: A woman may divorce herself, if she had stipulated that she has this as her right as a condition in her marital contract, or if she received such authority or was granted such a right by her husband afterward.
Third: A women may request that her marriage be terminated (in a procedure called khulu) before a judge, who should in turn make every attempt to reconcile the couple. If this proved futile, then he is to grant the woman her wish and to rule the marriage terminated.
Fourth: A woman may agree with her husband to divorce under any conditions which are acceptable from the Islamic perspective and which they mutually approve to.
Fifth: The woman may request from the judge to rule that they be separated and the marriage terminated, due to harm being inflicted upon her. The Judge may then grant her request, if she proved her claim, having spent every effort in reaching a reconciliation between the man and woman, including assigning two arbitrators to help him in his task.