Edip Yuksel comments on the ethics of circumcision for males and females

[The following is an abridged version.]

Circumcision of both male and female children inflicts pain on innocent children. No parent should have the right to subject their children to pain without medical justification that might outweigh the harm and pain. It is preposterous to confuse the pain inflicted to children by vaccination with the pain inflicted by male and female circumcision. One has substantial evidence for its life saving benefits, while the other, especially female circumcision, causes variety of harms and its only benefit is the pleasure or comfort obtained by adults from blindly following hearsay and mythologies. Equating mythologies with science is a ridiculous attempt or mere hypocrisy if it is suggested by educated people. The difference between the two is very clear; clearer than the difference between dark and light.

No religion, culture or mythology should be granted immunity if they are used to make others suffer without their consent. No country or community should be able to get away with racism, oppression, or child abuse in the name of a religion, majority, local laws, classes, or other constructed social norms and cultures.

The degree of pain and harm in case of female circumcision is so gross that no human being should choose to be a bystander, let alone a promoter of such a practice. The practice of female circumcision should stop.