''A victory for Ahmed Shafik would be the end of the revolution'': Interview with Ahmed Maher

Analysis, posted 06.15.2012, from Egypt, in:
''A victory for Ahmed Shafik would be the end of the revolution'': Interview with Ahmed Maher (Photo: Reuters)

Mr. Maher, how does the 6th April movement, which is one of the most important groupings of revolutionary youth in Egypt, see the results of the first round of voting in the Egyptian presidential election?

Ahmed Maher: For a start, we take a principled stand against the candidacy of Ahmed Shafik in the election. There are several reasons for that: for example, Shafik's candidacy goes against the law governing entitlement to certain political rights, which requires that members of the former government should be excluded from political life. In addition, Shafik has for some time been accused of several cases of corruption, although those cases have not been taken up so far.

But aside from that: how can you have legal presidential elections if one of the candidates is a representative of the old regime and it was the aim of the revolution to overthrow that regime?

Shafik's support mainly comes both from cadres of ex-President Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NDP), which has now been disbanded but which, until the revolution, was responsible for networks of corruption, as well as from officers of the state security service who went underground or just kept quiet after the revolution.

A victory for Shafik would be the end of the revolution. That has to be prevented, since the man stands for the old regime. That's why there are demands to repeat the vote without Shafik, since he really was not entitled to stand.

Most of the organisations of the revolutionary youth agree with this position. As far as the other candidate, Mohamed Mursi, is concerned, there have been no serious talks with the Muslim Brothers which might enable us to reach any agreement or to put forward common demands.


Interview by Nader Alsarras; Translated by Michael Lawton

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