Country Profiles

IslamopediaOnline houses a vast trove of data and academic expertise related to Islam and is presently employing this data to create original country profiles that succinctly but comprehensively discuss the state of Islam in specific countries.

The most intriguing common point of the country profiles is the following:

Based on a strong nationalist legitimacy, most of the founders of the new nation states have used Islam as a tool for political control and have therefore reshaped Islam as a national ideology and social norm for all the actors in civil society. This is the most difficult aspect to understand for a Western observer or analyst as we tend to project on Islam familiar categories by which we apprehend religion in Western cultures—categories like ideas, values or spirituality.

In these country profiles, Islam is systematically analyzed trough the following lenses: Islam in the constitution, Islam in the legal system, Islam in the education system, Islam in Politics, and Islam and transnational influences.

Each country profile is updated frequently to provide current data for journalists and researchers.

This research was supported under the Minerva Research Initiative of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (2011-2012).